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walk in closet

Custom Closet Designs and Installation

Whether you have a cramped reach-in closet or a sprawling walk in, our designers will work with you (and your space) to create a custom closet organizers that will fit your exact needs for years to come. In many cases, we can double or even triple your available storage space simply by making the area more efficient. No matter what size your closet, our organizers can also make your storage more attractive, with a huge variety of accessories to keep things like belts, ties, shoes, and jewelry organized and out of sight but easily accessible. All of our organizers are available in 15 different finishes, and are made of the highest quality industrial plywood available. Before they’re assembled, each piece is finished with an edging process that exceeds industry standards, so you aren’t just getting a flimsy storage frame – you’re getting a long-lasting, crack-resistant, furniture quality shelves and cabinets.

kitchen pantries, butcher top

Kitchen Pantries Storage Solutions

If you have a cramped kitchen, Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets is here to help. Like closets, kitchen pantries can benefit from a trained eye and an overhauled layout. Made of the same quality materials as our custom closets, our custom pantry organizers can help add a significant amount of usable storage space to your kitchen. From fully adjustable shelves to slide out drawers, baskets, and even wine racks, we’ll design an organizer with an eye towards the types and quantities of food you typically use – whether that means tall, thin storage spaces for platters, or big closed cabinets to hide your extra appliances. Most importantly, we’ll make sure everything is easy to find and easy to hide, so your pantry won’t succumb to the clutter, even if you keep a lot of food on hand.

garage cabinets

All Inclusive Garage Solutions

Though custom closet design is our primary offering, we’re happy to design solutions for almost any room in your home, including your garage. Whether you use your garage as a workshop, tool shed, garden nursery, or just an extra storage space, we offer a whole range of garage-specific add-ons to help organize and streamline your garage storage. From work benches and tool organizers to hanging hooks, high shelves, and gardening systems, our custom garage solutions can help reduce the footprint of larger items like bikes or lawn tools, make smaller tools easy to find, and keep hazardous chemicals out of the way (and out of reach of small children). If your garage is a catch-all storage space, you’d be a amazed at what a huge difference even a small garage organizer can make – it’ll allow you to stow all your stuff while keeping the room looking finished – you might even find yourself with space to park your car! As well, because we charge by parts rather than by linear foot, our prices are often much lower than the competition, especially if you want to finish the entire perimeter of your garage.


Custom Bedroom, Home Office and Storage Furniture

Because all of our work is individually designed and built in-house rather than mass-manufactured, we’re in the unique position of being able to offer a wide range of storage solutions throughout the house – not just in the spaces traditionally associated with custom closet design. If there’s any space in your home you’d like to get organized, we’d be happy to help design, build, and install furniture and storage cabinets custom made to solve your storage problems. Whether it’s a built in home office including desk, drawers, and shelving, bookshelves or entertainment centers designed to fit your specific space, or even accommodations for a Murphy bed or child’s toy chest, we can work with you to build the furniture you need to enhance the beauty and utility of any room in your home.


Custom Laundry Room Storage

All too often laundry rooms are banished to the dingiest corners of unfinished basements. But everyone has clothes to wash, and here at Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets we want to make the experience a little more pleasant. From simple cabinets to full finished organizational systems, or custom laundry room storage units will not only make your space a little easier to use, but also a lot more attractive. Our laundry organizers can help hide cleaning products, dirty clothes, and even any exposed plumbing that might be adding to your dingy basement-chic. Like all of our custom storage units, each of these are custom designed to your space and your needs, and we have quite a few laundry room specific toys, like self-stowing ironing boards and clothes hampers, that can help keep your space clear, compact, and uncluttered.


No matter what room in your home needs organizing, Advanced Custom Cabinets and Closets has designers that will work with you to find innovative solutions to your storage problems, and design exactly the storage system you need to get your space the way you want it. If you’re living in the greater Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, Delaware or even New York area we’ll have your storage system installed within very short period of time once the pieces are built. For more information about the quality of our materials and our low-price guarantee.